Star Wars Novels Part 3

Reading the Star Wars novels/novellas in chronological order…

Part 1

Part 2

Knight Errant

Somewhat interesting and reasonable well written, Knight Errant takes place 1000 years before Luke Skywalker. Kara Holt is pretty cool Star Wars name and she has the background/personality that could do really well in fantasy series. Unfortunately, as is the case with many of the great characters found in the Old Republic books, she is just in this one book. She’s a lone Jedi trapped in the Sith Empire, but causing havoc behind the scenes. I also enjoyed the Bothan spy, who was actually a double agent working within the Sith empire for one Sith against another Sith…but secretly ‘really’ working for a third.

This one actually seems to be more of a collection of three books than just one. The second one explores a Sith planet controlled by twin Sith children who have elite mind-manipulative abilities, but are hampered in other ways (such as maturity). They control a small army of Celegians who work together to make the entire planet’s population almost like robots. The final portion involves Kara’s mistrust of a Sith Lord of yet another planet and the revelation that the Sith Lords of that part of the galaxy are actually siblings under a matriarch. In all, the book gives further insight into Sith histroy, but in my quest to fully understand the Star Wars universe, I could have done without this one.

Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

I was really looking forward to this book as it represents the first multi-novel effort that focuses on a single character. Finally, I could grow to love a character and read more than just one book on him. And Darth Bane delivered. Bane came from rough, but humble beginnings in which he was tough though honorable. As his powers grew, so did the man. Bane would be trained in a Sith school and run into the usual trials and tribulations there. It quickly became apparent that he didn’t agree with all of the Sith teachings. The Sith banding together as a so-called ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’ spits in the face of Sith Lords of old. In his mind, the Sith had lost their way. But he would continue to grow his power through hard work and teachings, content to stay silent.

A well-written, entertaining novel. And when I looked at the author – Drew Karpyshyn – I noticed that he also wrote my second-favorite Star Wars book to date (Revan). Clearly, I was going to enjoy Karpyshyn’s other two Darth Bane books.

Darth Bane: Rule of Two
One master, one apprentice. Bane felt that hundreds of Sith spent too much time fighting each other. And he felt that banding together, as with the Brotherhood of Darkness, was also weak – it encouraged equality when Sith were not equal to each other. So he wanted things kept simple – one master, one apprentice. So when the Sith were all wiped out, except for him, he took on a young girl named Zannah as an apprentice. Darth Bane and Darth Zannah would start the work that would culminate in what we saw in the movies. An excellent sequal.

Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
As Darth Zannah reaches the pinnacle of her power and Bane weakens as he enters his forties, Bane looks for ways to extend his life. Meanwhile, Zannah is on the hunt for an apprentice of her own, feeling that she needed one before challenging her master. This book also introduces a rogue Jedi named Set Harth, as well as an Iktotchi assassin called ‘The Huntress’, who has untrained Force talent. Both characters are solid additions are more than capable of holding their own in another book (but alas…). The Zannah vs. Bane battle is satisfying, and the story itself has a point in terms of the Star Wars lore.

And so ends the ‘Old Republic’ portion of the Star Wars novels…

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