Star Wars Novels Part 6

The Phantom Menace

I read Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara when I was a teenager. At the time, it was my favorite book. Or at least it was up there. Elfstones and Wishsong, too. The Shannara series, when I revisited it a couple of years ago with the newer books, is ideal for fantasy newcomers in their teens. Even early twenties. But if you evolve in the fantasy genre you can see that it’s really just an enjoyable, light read. I like Brooks’ work, but I found him to be a bad fit for Phanton Menace. He just seemed…a stranger to this world. After reading Karpyshyn and Watson, Miller and Wyndham…having Brooks thrown in as an author just didn’t work. It’s almost like writing it didn’t come natural for him. The Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon relationship seemed stunted, after Watson did so well in building it.

It was interesting to see the differences in the book versus the movie. I didn’t match up the date of release with the movie release, but I’m guessing he wrote off of an earlier script. Events such as Darth Maul watching Qui-Gon escape when he jumped up onto the boarding ramp of the ship in the movie – in the book Maul actually got onto the ramp along with him and was knocked off. The book also went deeper into Anakin, giving a little more background and making you believe that a nine-year-old boy can do what he did – because he’s so strong in the Force. It helped make the movie better.

Overall I’m glad I read it. I skimmed quickly through the parts that were clearly matching up with the movie (that I’ve seen recently, for the fourth time – so no need to read the book slowly and carefully).

Journal: Anakin Skywalker
Dumb. Pointless. A couple of small pieces of insight, but not worth reading at all. Thankfully the book was short and easy to skim through – really just rehashing the movie from another perspective.

Journal: Queen Amidala
Another pointless book that I didn’t enjoy at all.

Journal: Darth Maul
Again. These journals were a bad idea. And the thought of Darth Maul sitting down and filling out a journal is absurd. Thankfully I didn’t waste more than 90 to 120 minutes on each of these journals.

I’ve read two other books – I’ll read two more before my next post. So far so good though – really enjoying them.

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