Review: Doctor Sleep

A bit of a hiatus thanks to the bullshit involved in upgrading websites. A lot of 18-hour days working with developers and even now, my sites aren’t 100%. But getting there, so I wanted to jump on and catch up on my books. When I went to Cuba in May, I decided to set aside Star Wars and read the Stephen King book I hadn’t read yet, as well as the latest Drizzt book. I first got into the Drizzt Do’Urden novels while vacationing in Cuba a few years ago, so I found this fitting.

Onto Doctor Sleep.

Overall I enjoyed it. But it’s easy to enjoy a King book. He has that way of writing. He can make ‘walking down the street’ an interesting event. As you’re probably aware, this is a sequel to The Shining. Danny Torrance is back. He’s in his 40s and he’s a recovering alcoholic. He befriends a girl, Abra, who also has the Shining – and hers is much more powerful than his. There is a group of ancients called True Knot – who are in a way similar to vampires in that they suck on or absorb life essence from people who have the Shining (some may not even know they have it, or their particular Shining is weak).

It’s your typical good versus evil plot, with interesting characters that draw you in. Nothing in the way of ‘scary’, but that hasn’t been King’s calling card for over two decades. I am growing annoyed of one of King’s quirks. And that is, his use of stupid names (“Rose the Hat”, “Crow Daddy”) or habits or the way characters over-describe things with metaphors. Nobody does that – convey it in the story, not the dialogue.

I also enjoyed how King gathered three characters of varying degrees of Shine power to fight the evil. Banding together a group of heroes is always a winning ticket (that’s why the Avengers was so successful!).

Of course I recommend the book – even the weak King books get recommended because his writing style makes for an interesting read.

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