Reflecting on – Never Go Back (Jack Reacher 18)

It has been two or three years since I last checked in on Mr. Reacher and I’m so glad that I was able to wait. Because now I have three books to catch up on. After reading this one, I know I’ll have a hard time delaying the other two. But I’ll try my best to stretch it out and enjoy a Jack Reacher novel for every three or four other books I read.

Reacher returns to his old unit to look up and meet Susan Turner, whom he had a bit of a crush on based only on her voice and telephone personality. But she had stumbled onto something that some very powerful people didn’t want her stumbling on. So they cooked up some bogus charges and whisked her away just hours before Reacher arrived. But they figured Reacher could know some of what she knows, so they were prepared for his arrival and they had some charged cooked up for him too.

In typical Reacher fashion, he chose to fight the charges rather than run and hide. And in typical Reacher fashion this meant knocking some heads and breaking some fingers. I love the writing style of Lee Child – he doesn’t waste space with meaningless words, he makes every one of them count. He draws you in and makes you feel as if you are a tough guy right there alongside Reacher. And Reacher’s tough-guy lines are hilarious. Funniest line of the book:

“He hit the ground so hard and so fast you’d think someone bet him a million bucks that he couldn’t make a hole in the dirt with his face.”

Reading Never Go Back, and to a lesser extent, The Companions, reminded me that books should be riveting and tough to put down. The Star Wars novels hadn’t been like that in several months, which reinforces my belief that there are too many SW books and that they were too loosey-goosey in allowing the different authors to try different things and take the SWU in different directions. Yes, I slipped off topic there, but the point is – it’s good to have a book remind you of how enjoyable they can be.


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