Reflecting on: Archmage

This one got off to a rocky start, but what an explosive finish. For the first quarter of the book, I was wondering if R.A. Salvatore had lost his touch. I generally start nodding off when he gets too far into the politics of Menzoberranzan. Honestly, it can often read like the Old Testament (Isaac, son of Abraham, son of…etc, etc for 10 pages). This family hates that family, who are friends with the fourth house but enemies of the second house…on and on and on. And the family (the ‘house’) names read like 20 letters were thrown into a blender with a couple of apostrophes. Makes for a dry read.

But the final battle was exciting and well described – classic Drizzt Do’urden. It has the reader wanting more: Athrogate as Bruenor’s bodyguard; Regis, Wulfgar and Afafrenfere off on their own adventure (there’s a great book, potentially, right there); Jarlaxle now having an Archmage in his group (and possibly a Matron Mother)? Lots going on in Salvatore’s world. He’s successfully set things up so that a handful of really great novels are coming down the pipe. This series has new life injected into it thanks to the clever rebirth of Drizzt’s companions.

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