Reflecting on: Personal (Jack Reacher 19)

For a Jack Reacher book, this one started out slow as Lee Child spent an inordinate amount of time building the plot with Reacher investigating an assassination attempt on the French leader. And at first I was a little confused as to the timeline because he was in Virginia in ‘Never Go Back’ and usually the next book at least somewhat acknowledges what he’d been doing and where he’d been doing it since the last book. If only in a small paragraph. Minor point, though.

Things really picked up towards the midpoint, and I guess it says something about what I like in the Reacher novels when by “picked up” I refer to fight scenes and killing. But it’s not just the battles that we all love – it’s also the trash talk. The cockiness. ‘Personal’ was written in the first person so not only do we get the benefit of Reacher talking trash to his opponent, but also thinking it. Entertaining and hard to put down, even if the ending plot twist was a little bit weak.

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