The Best Songs from 54-40

While reviewing and cataloging all music, I was curious about certain groups and artists and how I feel about their music today. I decided to rank the songs of some of the greats and after kicking things off with the Beatles, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, CCR and R.E.M. It’s high time I moved onto a Canadian band.

No, not the Tragically Hip. That will come, you can count on it – I’m just waiting for the yearly reviews to go a little further, first. And not Rush or the Guess Who. The latter will eventually get a page here, but Rush probably won’t – I’m not a big enough fan to do them justice. No, I want to shine a spotlight on an underrated Canadian band called 54-40. This is a band that wouldn’t go away. By my standards, they didn’t have any elite albums, and only a couple of elite songs. But every album seemed to have two or three great ones – and that adds up, when you consider the 15 years or so that they were at their peak.

54-40 entered my awareness in the late 80s when One Gun seemed to get constant play on Much Music. And then I heard a bit more throughout high school and early in university with One Day and Baby Ran. Then I started buying their CDs, each one with two or three great ones. The best from 54-40 is worth more exposure, and those of you who are unfamiliar with the band will find that you move up the countdown you’ll really grow to like them.

Here are the 18 best songs released by 54-40.

18. I Love Candy (1996)

17. Assoholic (1994)

16. One Day In Your Life (1987)

15. Miss You (1989)

14. Lies to Me (1996)

13. Blame Your Parents (1994)

12. Baby Ran (1986)

11. She-La (1992)

10. Nice to Luv You (1992)

9. Since When (1998)

8. Love You All (1996)

7. Ocean Pearl (1994)

6. Crossing a Canyon (1996)

5. Casual Viewin (2000)

4. One Gun (1987)

This is the song that started it all, as far as I’m concerned. This was all over Much Music throughout 1988. This very video (which is why I’m using this one instead of a better quality audio one).

3. You Should Come Over (1998)

This is a great song…and it was never released. But when I bought this album I couldn’t stop listening to it. A really nice melody that is really catchy.

2. Baby Have Some Faith (1989)

This one is my favorite by 54-40. Though I, of course, also love the song that is on top spot, I went with that one because it’s by far the more popular release. But Baby Have Some Faith is a great tune to just belt out while driving.

1. I Go Blind (1986)

You already know Hootie’s version. Here’s the original – and better – one.

Find this playlist on YouTube here

The Best From Canada’s 54-40

1I Go Blind1986
2Baby Have Some Faith1989
3You Should Come Over1998
4One Gun1987
5Casual Viewin2000
6Crossing a Canyon1996
7Ocean Pearl1994
8Love You All1996
9Since When1998
10Nice to Luv You1992
12Baby Ran1986
13Blame Your Parents1994
14Lies to Me1996
15Miss You1989
16One Day In Your Life1987
18I Love Candy1996

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