Geo Holidays and Timeshares


Add me to the list of people who wasted time sitting in on one of GeoHoliday’s “90-minute” sessions on timeshares. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in timeshares. I think that, in the right situation, timeshares are a decent investment. And by the “right situation” I mean this:

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Rogers is Horrible


The headline is a little bit hard on a company that was actually quite reliable for the 10-plus years after the Bell incident. But what they did was so far off base that in the end it actually made them a worse company. And looking back on things today, I realize that all customers – all – would be better off leaving both Bell and Rogers. It can be done, and I’ll tell you how – later.

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407 ETR – What a Scam


These ripoff artists charge an arm and a leg for use of their highway, as Ontarians know. And try being late with a payment – they release the hounds. So anyway, it was back in 1999 or 2000 when I paid them for a bill that I had paid them for already – my prior payment went through after they sent the next bill out. And it was about that time that I had decided that the rape job they were giving me was just too much to take. So I was done with using the highway.

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