Top 250 Songs of the 80s (1 of 5)

My opinion, my taste, but after thorough research of the songs released in the 80s, these are the best.

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The 80s began when I was five and ended when I was 15. As far as first-hand experience goes, the first few years were dictated by whatever my mother would play. The last few years were dictated by the style in junior high or early on in high school. But the overall appeal of 80s music came from my enjoyment of rock and university party music.

The countdown is littered with a handful of slow songs. I think the 80s had plenty of good ones. The Golden Age of the romantic song?

For the decade reviews, I gave the songs a hard and fast ranking. The year-by-year stuff were simply grouped.

Here in Part 1, the 50 songs that didn’t quite make the Top 200.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

250. Holiday Road – Lindsey Buckingham (1983)

We’ll kick things off with a nice earworm. Thank you very much Vacation franchise…

249. Cold Shot – Stevie Ray Vaughan (1984)

248. All Night Long  – Lionel Richie (1983)

247. Walk This Way  – Run-D.M.C. (1986)

This song, combined with the Beasties’ Licensed to Ill album, brought me into the world of Rap. It was only later when I appreciated Aerosmith. If this song doesn’t remind you of the 80s, nothing will.

246. Wasn’t That A Party – The Irish Rovers (1980)

Stag and Does, Weddings…this song is still played at many a drunkfest.

245. Shout  – Tears for Fears (1984)

244. Karma Chameleon – Culture Club (1983)

243. Lonely Ol’ Night  – John Mellencamp (1985)

242. Limelight – Rush (1981)

241. Throwing It All Away – Genesis (1986)

240. I Just Called To Say I Love You  – Stevie Wonder (1984)

239. Elvira – The Oak Ridge Boys (1981)

Dorky, fun… and the ultimate earworm for sure…

238. One – Metallica (1988)

237. When the Weight Comes Down – The Tragically Hip (1989)

The first of six songs from the great Up To Here album to appear on this list, but I could have easily just added the entire set. It wasn’t the easiest decision to exclude the other five tunes, that’s for sure.

236. Who Made Who  – AC/DC (1986)

235. Heart And Soul – Huey Lewis & the News (1983)

I always liked this band, even if none of my friends did as kids. They didn’t dislike him, they were just indifferent I guess. But I had two of their tapes, one was given to me while the other I actively wanted. That was because of this song. I liked the guitar riff in the chorus.

234. Driver 8  – R.E.M. (1985)

233. Used To Love Her  – Guns N’ Roses (1988)

232. Under Pressure – Queen (1981)

231. Rooty Toot Toot – John Mellencamp (1987)

230. Woman  – John Lennon (1980)

229. Heart and Soul – T’Pau (1987)

228. The One That You Love – Air Supply (1981)

227. So Far Away  – Dire Straits (1985)

226. Freeze-Frame – J. Geils Band (1981)

225. Pop Goes the World – Men Without Hats (1987)

A fun song, a bit of a guilty pleasure, this one from a Canadian band

224. Love In An Elevator  – Aerosmith (1989)

223. 38 Years Old  – The Tragically Hip (1989)

222. Pink Houses  – John Mellencamp (1984)

221. Nobody Told Me  – John Lennon (1984)

220. Janie’s Got A Gun  – Aerosmith (1989)

219. Hell’s Bells  – AC/DC (1980)

218. Centerfold – J. Geils Band (1981)

217. Drive  – The Cars (1984)

216. Pictures of Matchstick Men – Camper Van Beethoven (1989)

Really love how the band plays around the violin here. Underrated, lesser-known song. The lead singer went on to sing for Cracker in the 90’s.

215. Crash – The Primitives (1986)

214. Wild Wild Life  – Talking Heads (1986)

213. American Dream  – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1988)

212. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)  – Aerosmith (1987)

211. Volare – Gipsy Kings (1989)

210. Any Way You Want It  – Journey (1980)

209. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics (1982)

208. Summer of ’69  – Bryan Adams (1984)

207. I Love A Rainy Night  – Eddie Rabbitt (1980)

206. Hungry Heart  – Bruce Springsteen (1980)

205. Home Sweet Home  – Mötley Crüe (1985)

204. Hold Me Now  – Thompson Twins (1983)

203. Head Over Heels  – The Go-Go’s (1984)

202. Edge of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks (1981)

201. Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp (1987)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Here is the list from Songs 250 to 201…

201Cherry BombJohn Mellencamp1987
202Edge of SeventeenStevie Nicks1981
203Head Over Heels The Go-Go’s1984
204Hold Me Now Thompson Twins1983
205Home Sweet Home Mötley Crüe1985
206Hungry Heart  Bruce Springsteen1980
207I Love A Rainy Night  Eddie Rabbitt1980
208Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams1984
209Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Eurythmics1982
210Any Way You Want It  Journey1980
211VolareGipsy Kings1989
212Dude (Looks Like A Lady) Aerosmith1987
213American Dream Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1988
214Wild Wild Life Talking Heads1986
215CrashThe Primitives1986
216Pictures of Matchstick MenCamper Van Beethoven1989
217Drive The Cars1984
218Centerfold J. Geils Band1981
219Hell’s Bells  AC/DC1980
220Janie’s Got A Gun Aerosmith1989
221Nobody Told Me John Lennon1984
222Pink Houses John Mellencamp1984
22338 Years Old The Tragically Hip1989
224Love In An Elevator Aerosmith1989
225Pop Goes the WorldMen Without Hats1987
226Freeze-FrameJ. Geils Band1981
227So Far Away Dire Straits1985
228The One That You Love Air Supply1981
229Heart and SoulT’Pau1987
230Woman  John Lennon1980
231Rooty Toot TootJohn Mellencamp1987
232Under Pressure Queen1981
233Used To Love Her Guns N’ Roses1988
234Driver 8 R.E.M.1985
235Heart And SoulHuey Lewis & the News1983
236Who Made Who AC/DC1986
237When the Weight Comes DownThe Tragically Hip1989
239ElviraThe Oak Ridge Boys1981
240I just Called To Say I Love YouStevie Wonder1984
241Throwing It All AwayGenesis1986
243Lonely Ol’ Night John Mellencamp1985
244Karma ChameleonCulture Club1983
245Shout Tears for Fears1984
246Wasn’t That A PartyThe Irish Rovers1980
247Walk This Way Run-D.M.C.1986
248All Night LongLionel Richie1983
249Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan1984
250Holiday RoadLindsey Buckingham1983

1980  1981  1982  1983  1984  1985  1986  1987  1988  1989

1960s          1970s          1980s          1990s


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