Three Kick-Ass Breakfasts – You’re Welcome

I work from home. So I spoil myself. Of course I do. Wouldn’t you? Every day at just after eleven in the morning, I leave my office and go to the kitchen and make some pretty great breakfasts. I’ll share my favorites. You should have thought of them. Maybe you did. But in case you didn’t, I’m here for you.

Naturally, I will have the staple of bacon and eggs with toast and a slice of tomato. At least a couple of times a week I’ll have that and push comes to shove, that one may just be may favorite meal – period. A steak dinner would have something to say about that claim. Nachos would probably speak up, too. But damn, the classic bacon and eggs is and always will be great. But you can’t have that every day, right? And sure, you can throw in the odd omelette, or fried-egg sandwich, but that doesn’t mix things up enough. I won’t ever resort to cereal (I may have that as a snack at night, but not for breakfast because I’m not seven).

So here are the three breakfasts that I make each week that are freakin’ awesome.

Dobby McGee

Call it whatever you like. This is just a breakfast sandwich, but it’s a big one. A huge one. A great one.


Hamburger Bun (Large Size)
Two Eggs
Four Turkey Slices
Two Bacon Slices
One Tomato Slice
Ranch (1 tbsp)
Jalepeno Aoli (optional) (1 tbsp)
Sirachi Sauce (optional) (to taste)
Cheese (I prefer Monterey Jack Jalepeno)

Fry the bacon and the eggs to your preference (I like crispy bacon, and for sandwiches I like the eggs well done or maybe with the yolk a tad runny).
Toast the buns in the toaster oven, with the cheddar/Monteray Jack cheese covering one side.
On the non-cheese side, add the ranch and/or aoli and/or sirachi sauce.
Add the tomato slice to that side and salt to taste. Add the turkey.
On the cheese side add the bacon and the egg.
Slap the two sides together. Try to stay calm when you do this. Getting too excited may result in splashing the sauce over the sides or, if the adrenalin is really going, shifting the tomato slice askew.

Breakfast Burritos

The good kind, not the shitty ones that some restaurants pass off. Important note: adding home fries or hash browns to this in any way will ruin the best breakfast out there. Ruin it! Have them on the side. If you put potato in your burrito then you’re just eating potato. It dominates the flavor.


Mini-sausage (two)
Bacon (one slice)
Two eggs
Green onion (one half of one stalk)
Green pepper (about one quarter)
Cheese slice (processed)
Three flat bread/tortillas (mini)
Pepper sauce (optional)
Onion salt


Cook the sausage halfway first. Chop them up small as they fry.
Dice the onion and pepper. In a pinch you can sub in a different colored pepper, but those flavors add sweetness and are a little stronger. Up to you, not a huge deal.
Mix in the vegetables.
Add the eggs and crumble in the bacon that you fried in a different pan (I microwave it – faster).
Scramble the mixture up nice, adding a sprinkle of onion salt.
Break up your one slice of cheese into six thin strips and lay them on the three flatbreads right up the middle. It’s honestly best to use processed cheese because real cheddar changes the flavor and in this case not for the better. One of the only times in life where a processed cheese slice actually works better. If not ‘the’ only time. Trust me.
Optional – pour a thin line of pepper along those strips of cheese for an extra kick.
Add the egg mix evenly onto the three burritos.
Add just over a tablespoon of salsa over each egg mix.
Roll the burritos and microwave for 50 seconds.
For two people, double the ingredients, though you will probably get just five burritos out of it instead of six.

Breakfast Nachos

I don’t know why nobody knows about this. But I never seen it online a dozen years ago when I made them. And nobody had ever spoken of them. So I feel like I’m the inventor, though I’m sure I’m not. But it’s so genius you would think they were a staple in households everywhere.


Nacho Chips
Cheese (two types – I prefer Cheddar and Jalepeno Monteray Jack)
Two Eggs
Four Bacon Slices
One green onion
Green Pepper (between a quarter and a half)
Tomato (about a quarter of one, diced)
Sour cream (optional)


If you don’t know where I’m going with this, then I can’t help you! Cook everything up, dice what needs to be diced, mix them altogether. But do not cook the tomato. Leave the diced tomato aside, uncooked.
Layer the nachos on a toaster oven tray (for two) a cookie sheet (for three+) or a plate (for one). The above amounts are for two people, so use the toaster oven tray.
Cover with cheddar.
Add the mix (other than the tomato that is still set aside).
Cover with Monteray Jack or mozzarella.
Cook at high heat for three or four minutes, depending (keep an eye on it your first time and establish timeline based on your appliance)
Take out of oven (or if it is for one person, microwave on a plate for one minute using half of the above ingredients).
Add the diced tomato.
Serve with salsa and/or sour cream.


2 thoughts on “Three Kick-Ass Breakfasts – You’re Welcome

Add yours

  1. I love both burritos and nachos a lot…with a lot of vegetable filling the burritos can be a real healthy breakfast.
    Although I am not sure about how healthy Dobby McGee will be as a breakfast option.
    And those pictures made my mouth salivate!

  2. The McGee isn’t so bad…turkey slices, cheese, eggs, bun – and when I have bacon and eggs I have three strips of bacon, the McGee just two. I know I’m reaching here 😦

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