My favorite songs from 1995


Ahhh 1995. Those were the days. First year of university was in the books, and midway through the second year. This was the year that I moved in with three guys who became best friends to this day. This was also the year I was with my first serious girlfriend from the beginning to the end, from mid-94 through towards the end of ’96. She and I were both really into music and there were a lot of car trips/commutes when we listened to the radio.

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My favorite songs from 1994


In April of ’94 I broke up with one girlfriend and had another one in July. Both girls were in (or near) my hometown, whereas I went to university about an hour away in Guelph. So there was a lot of commuting involved, especially with girl number two (we became quite serious). Lots of commuting meant a lot of radio. And this is when I started to grow tired of classic rock (gasp – but it was just temporary, don’t worry!) and move more fully into modern alternative rock and grunge.

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My Favorite Songs From 1993


In 1993 I finished high school and started at the University of Guelph. I turned 19 that April, legal drinking age in Ontario. I was still into Classic Rock, with a lot of Tragically Hip on the playlist. But I was also exposed to Alternative/Grunge and was starting to appreciate it. By the time 1995 began, I was completely into that music. But it was a transition that took a couple of years and I never did lose my love of classic rock.

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My 200 Favorite Songs of the 90s Pt. 1



My favorite decade for music means a bigger list when compiling the best. I thought I would have a Top 100 list here but when I pulled out all the songs I had labeled “Awesome” I reached 143. Then I had the bright idea of going through the 250 or so “Great” songs and somehow pluck out seven more to get an even 150. It was quickly obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to reduce it to seven. By the time I got through them I had 77 more that I wonder if I should have given the “Awesome” designation to.

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2nd Re-Birthday


I am taking a quick moment to update you on my battle with leukemia and my recovery from a stem-cell transplant. I state the words “quick moment” and that’s a good thing. It’s not to gloss over anything that I went through or that others are going through, but to state emphatically that I am better, I am healthy and I am strong. I literally have no news to share, and in this case no news truly is good news.

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My favorite songs of 1999


In late 1998 I met a woman who would become my girlfriend of over four years. It was at a bar in London called GT’s. She moved in with me relatively quickly, because circumstances (on her end) expedited things. We moved quickly in a lot of ways, but slowly in others, not the least of which was emotional attachment. No need to get into that, but she was a big part of my 1999. I got a dog in January, a husky I named Sable. We got the dog, actually. I paid for her, but after our breakup in 2003 I let my (ex) girlfriend have the dog for reasons I may explain in the 2003 segment if I feel it’s relevant to my life in music for that year.

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