My Favorite Songs From 2003

It was a year of turmoil for yours truly. And unlike the other difficult year of my single life (1998), this one wasn’t helped along by music. In fact, I started drifting away from newer rock and tried to gain some appreciation for pop. I stress the word “some”.

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Three Kick-Ass Breakfasts – You’re Welcome

I work from home. So I spoil myself. Of course I do. Wouldn’t you? Every day at just after eleven in the morning, I leave my office and go to the kitchen and make some pretty great breakfasts. I’ll share my favorites. You should have thought of them. Maybe you did. But in case you didn’t, I’m here for you.

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Top 25 Songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) and John Fogerty

Fogerty is such a huge talent. His songwriting is excellent. Just perfect for the genre – good, clean southern rock. Look no further than the million movies that use his songs for any seen involving the Vietnam war, or any scenes that take place in backwater country. And he had the voice to match. Or perhaps it was his voice that created that style of music to begin with.

The power struggle within the band that ultimately cost them an extended run was a real shame.

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