Top 25 Songs by The Doors

The Doors are one of the best rock bands in music history. Their unique blend of keyboard, bass and vocalized poetry has no peer. There really is nothing like The Doors.

My introduction to this great band was as a 16-year-old in 1990. I of course knew and enjoyed Light My Fire, Hello, I Love You, and People Are Strange even though those songs were over 20 years old at that point. I bought the double-CD greatest hits album based on those songs and it turned out to be a wise decision. The entire album was superb. But as it turned out, my two favorite songs from this band were not even on this two-disc double album!

Those later years in high school involved a lot of Doors music. Always while my friends and I were chillin’ (glean from that what you will). Perfect deck music. Hammock music. Relaxing rock. And it was all in the flash of a moment. The Doors were formed in 1965, with hits that started rolling out in 1967… and then Jim Morrison died in 1971. That’s all we get – four years. But during those four years there’s lots of great music. Just imagine if Morrison was with us longer…

I have 25 songs by The Doors ranked in my year-by-year reviews, with an amazing 11 songs garnering my ‘Awesome’ moniker. Here, I put them in a hard and fast order.

25. Soul Kitchen (1967)

24. When the Music’s Over (1967)

23. Back Door Man (1967)

22. Strange Days (1967)

21. The Unknown Soldier (1968)

20. The Crystal Ship (1967)

19. Love Me Two Times (1967)

18. Riders on the Storm (1971)

17. Wild Child (1969)

16. Love Her Madly (1971)

15. L.A. Woman (1971)

14. Spanish Caravan (1968)

13. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (1967)

12. Touch Me (1969)

Fantastic footage here…

11. Roadhouse Blues (1970)

10. Five to One (1968)

9. Love Street (1968)

8. Break on Through (To the Other Side) (1967)

Live version…

7. Light My Fire (1967)

6. The End (1967)

5. Waiting For the Sun (1968)

4. Hello, I Love You (1968)

Live version…

3. People Are Strange (1967)

2. Maggie M’Gill (1970)

1. Peace Frog (1970)

This playlist is on YouTube here

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Below is the chart. The Top 25 songs by The Doors…

1Peace FrogThe Doors1970
2Maggie M’GillThe Doors1970
3People Are StrangeThe Doors1967
4Hello, I Love YouThe Doors1968
5Waiting For The SunThe Doors1968
6The EndThe Doors1967
7Light My FireThe Doors1967
8Break on Through (To the Other Side)The Doors1967
9Love StreetThe Doors1968
10Five to OneThe Doors1968
11Roadhouse BluesThe Doors1970
12Touch MeThe Doors1969
13Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)The Doors1967
14Spanish CaravanThe Doors1968
15L.A. WomanThe Doors1971
16Love Her MadlyThe Doors1971
17Wild ChildThe Doors1969
18Riders on the StormThe Doors1971
19Love Me 2 TimesThe Doors1967
20Crystal ShipThe Doors1967
21The Unknown SoldierThe Doors1968
22Strange DaysThe Doors1967
23Back Door ManThe Doors1967
24When the Music’s OverThe Doors1967
25Soul KitchenThe Doors1967

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