Top 25 Songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) and John Fogerty

Fogerty is such a huge talent. His songwriting is excellent. Just perfect for the genre – good, clean southern rock. Look no further than the million movies that use his songs for any seen involving the Vietnam war, or any scenes that take place in backwater country. And he had the voice to match. Or perhaps it was his voice that created that style of music to begin with.

The power struggle within the band that ultimately cost them an extended run was a real shame.

Creedence Clearwater Revival is one of the best classic rock bands of all time, and in their heyday they were reeling out hit songs like nobody’s business. Five albums in two years? Think about that. In 1969 they released three records, and followed that up with two more in 1970. In all, seven albums in five years…and that was the end of that. No more Creedence.

The John versus Tom, brother versus brother feud is well documented, so we won’t delve into it here other than to say – it probably could have been avoided if John was a better leader and Tom could set aside his pride. The John versus Fantasy Records was also well documented (and I side with him on that one), but when he finally was free of them and decided to return to his roots with his 1985 album Centerfield I felt it was so similar to the CCR stuff that I wanted to combine both the solo career with the group’s songs on this list.

Here are the 25 best songs from John Fogerty, both solo as well as with his classic rock band – C.C.R.

25. Commotion (1969)

24. Someday Never Comes (1972)

23. The Old Man Down the Road (1985) (John Fogerty)

The root of the big lawsuit. Does this song sound too much like Run Through the Jungle (below)? Strange times indeed when a songwriter can be sued for copying…his own song.

22. Sweet Hitch-Hiker (1971)

20. Run Through the Jungle (1970)

The other half of the aforementioned lawsuit. You can listen and see if the similarities are worthy of said suit…

19. Looking Out My Back Door (1970)

18. Travelin’ Band (1970)

17. Who’ll Stop the Rain (1970)

16. Green River (1969)

15. Lodi (1969)

14. Born On the Bayou (1969)

13. Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (1971)

12. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (1970)

11. Midnight Special (1969)

Love their cover of this song. This song was made for CCR. Underrated tune by this band – I didn’t see it on anyone else’s list (I looked at five or six lists around the ‘net)…

10. Proud Mary (1969)

9. Fortunate Son (1969)

8. Hey Tonight (1971)

7. Centerfield (1985) (John Fogerty)

6. Suzie Q (1968)

5. Long As I Can See the Light (1970)

4. Down On the Corner (1969)

3. Bad Moon Rising (1969)

2. Rock and Roll Girls (1985) (John Fogerty)

1. Up Around the Bend

I put this playlist into YouTube for your convenience here.

The full list of the best from Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty:

1Up Around the BendCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
2Rock And Roll GirlJohn Fogerty1985
3Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
4Down On The CornerCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
5Long As I Can See The LightCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
6Suzie QCreedence Clearwater Revival1968
7Centerfield John Fogerty1985
8Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater Revival1971
9Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
10Proud MaryCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
11Midnight SpecialCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
12I Heard it Through the GrapevineCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
13Have You Ever Seen the Rain?Creedence Clearwater Revival1971
14Born on the BayouCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
15LodiCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
16Green RiverCreedence Clearwater Revival1969
17Who’ll Stop the RainCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
18Travelin’ BandCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
19Looking Out My Back DoorCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
20Run Through the JungleCreedence Clearwater Revival1970
21I Put a Spell on YouCreedence Clearwater Revival1968
22Sweet Hitch-HikerCreedence Clearwater Revival1971
23The Old Man Down The Road John Fogerty1985
24Someday Never ComesCreedence Clearwater Revival1972
25CommotionCreedence Clearwater Revival1969

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