Top 25 Songs by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac was formed in 1967, but started off as a blues band. It wasn’t until 1974 that Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham joined – and it’s no coincidence that my favorite songs from this group begin to appear in 1975.

As much as I listen to the bluesy stuff from the early days, I just can’t get into it. Sure, if I’m at a blues-fest or in a blues bar and in that sort of mood, it’s good to listen to. But I like the band with their combined melodies and catchy sounds. And of course their Rumours album (1977) is the source of no fewer than 12 songs on the list (if you count Silver Springs, which never actually made the original album – it was actually cut!). So you won’t find tunes such as Rattlesnake Shake on here.

I have 28 Fleetwood Mac songs ranked in my year-by-year reviews, with five songs garnering the ‘Awesome’ moniker (four of them from Rumours, or rather three of them plus Silver Springs), and another 10 getting labelled ‘Great’ (three from Rumours). Here, I put them in a hard and fast order.

28. Oh Daddy (1977)

27. Over My Head (1975)

26. Songbird (1977)

25. As Long As You Follow (1988)

24. World Turning (1975)

23. Sara (1979)

22. You Make Loving Fun (1977)

21. Big Love (1987)

20. Dreams (1977)

19. Say You Love Me (1975)

18. Gypsy (1982)

17. Little Lies (1987)

16. Second Hand News (1977)

15. Gold Dust Woman (1977)

14. Rhiannon (1975)

13. Beautiful Child (1979)

12. Monday Morning (1975)

11. Everywhere (1987)

10. Hold Me (1982)

9. I Don’t Want To Know (1977)

8. Seven Wonders (1987)

7. Go Your Own Way (1977)

6. Tusk (1979)

5. Landslide (1975)

4. The Chain (1977)

The top four songs from Fleetwood Mac are from the albums (in order): Rumours, Rumours, Rumours and Rumours. You can see why this is the top selling album of all time…

3. Don’t Stop (1977)

2. Never Going Back Again (1977)

1. Silver Springs (1977)

My favorite song by this band wasn’t released when they made it. They made this song for Rumours, but they had to cut a song and chose this one. Can’t criticize the decision since it was an awesome album… but this would have been the best song on that album. The buildup of this song is spine-tingling, and the live version is even better. Here is that live version. Haunting how Stevie looks at Lindsay while belting out the chorus down the stretch.

This playlist is on YouTube here.

Below is the full list of top Fleetwood Mac songs…

1Silver Springs1977
2Never Going Back Again 1977
3Don’t Stop 1977
4The Chain 1977
5Landslide 1975
6Tusk 1979
7Go Your Own Way 1977
8Seven Wonders 1987
9I Don’t Want To Know1977
10Hold Me1982
11Everywhere 1987
12Monday Morning1975
13Beautiful Child1979
14Rhiannon 1975
15Gold Dust Woman 1977
16Second Hand News 1977
17Little Lies 1987
19Say You Love Me1975
20Dreams 1977
21Big Love 1987
22You Make Loving Fun 1977
24World Turning1975
25As Long As You Follow1988
26Songbird 1977
27Over My Head1975
28Oh Daddy 1977

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