My Favorite Songs from 2007

It was a year of transition for yours truly. In the summer of that year I had decided to quit my job and run DobberHockey full time. That meant no more commuting. No more radio. I played music all day long on my PC while I worked – but that music was from my already-vast collection. There were limited occasions where I played new stuff.

That summer I received a performance review at the office, and my boss chose to delay my raise by six months and re-evaluate then. He was right – my work had fallen off. I had been putting in the minimum because I was trying to give DobberHockey daily content. By myself. And I was obsessed with it. So I was worn out. As much as my boss was correct in his assessment, I nonetheless do not accept a non-raise. A 0% raise I look at as a paycut because of inflation. And you should, too. Treat a 0% raise as a cut in your pay and proceed accordingly. Your life will be better for it. I quit my job and made DobberHockey a full-time gig.

But my knowledge of new music slipped. Over the years since then, I have of course heard and enjoyed many of the songs from that year. But some I discovered this year while going through all the songs that were released.

In 2007, Chris Cornell left Audioslave (“musical differences”), REM and Van Halen are among the inductees to the Music Hall of Fame (officially called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but who are we kidding), and Led Zeppelin reunited in London for their first show in 25 years (December 10). The three top selling albums in the world in 2007 were each by women – Avril Lavign, Carrie Underwood and Amy Winehouse.

Unlike most rankings, I haven’t been tossing these up in a numerical order. We can agree that on some days, certain songs kick more ass than other songs – yet other days they do not. It depends on mood and situation. A song ranked 14th today could rank 1st tomorrow if it comes on the radio at the right moment. Instead, I group them rather than present a hard-and-fast order:

Awesome (of which there are none for this year)
Not Bad
…with some inter-group splitting.

First, videos of the best from that year…

14 Solid Songs from 2007

This Is The Life  – Amy Macdonald

I Don’t Care  – Apocalyptica

Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent

Alcohaulin’ Ass  – Hellyeah

Carry You Home  – James Blunt

Same Mistake  – James Blunt

Umbrella  – Rihanna

You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You’re Told)  – The White Stripes

If I Had Eyes  – Jack Johnson

Can’t Tell Me Nothing  – Kanye West

Arizona  – Kings of Leon

Beautiful Girls  – Sean Kingston

Me Love  – Sean Kingston

Fake It  – Seether

20 Great Songs from 2007

Working Class Hero – Green Day

1234  – Feist

All Summer Long  – Kid Rock

Paper Planes  – M.I.A.

Wake Up Call  – Maroon 5

New Soul  – Yael Naïm

Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep

Folding Stars  – Biffy Clyro

Bubbly  – Colbie Caillat

Falling Slowly  – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

Stronger  – Kanye West

Alfie  – Lily Allen

Psycho  – Puddle of Mudd

Please Read the Letter  – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

The Last Fight  – Velvet Revolver

Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder

Sun Goes Down – David Jordan

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya – Dropkick Murphys

Paralyzer – Finger Eleven

Grace Kelly  – Mika

A Truly Awesome Song from 2007

Yes, just one of them from this year. I may change my mind in later years and then circle back and add to it. But for now – just the one…

The Pretender  – Foo Fighters

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The above songs are put together on a YouTube playlist for your listening enjoyment, here.

Here is the complete list of the best songs from 2007…

Awesome – 1The Pretender Foo Fighters
Great – 2Hard SunEddie Vedder
Great – 2Sun Goes DownDavid Jordan
Great – 2Johnny, I Hardly Knew YaDropkick Murphys
Great – 2ParalyzerFinger Eleven
Great – 2Grace Kelly Mika
Great – 7Working Class HeroGreen Day
Great – 71234 Feist
Great – 7All Summer Long Kid Rock
Great – 7Paper Planes M.I.A.
Great – 7Wake Up Call Maroon 5
Great – 7New Soul Yael Naïm
Great – 7Weighty GhostWintersleep
Great – 7Folding Stars Biffy Clyro
Great – 7Bubbly Colbie Caillat
Great – 7Falling Slowly Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Great – 7Stronger Kanye West
Great – 7Alfie Lily Allen
Great – 7Psycho Puddle of Mudd
Great – 7Please Read the Letter Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Great – 7The Last Fight Velvet Revolver
Solid – 22This Is The Life Amy Macdonald
Solid – 22I Don’t Care Apocalyptica
Solid – 22Fallen LeavesBilly Talent
Solid – 22Alcohaulin’ Ass Hellyeah
Solid – 22Carry You Home James Blunt
Solid – 22Same Mistake James Blunt
Solid – 22Umbrella Rihanna
Solid – 22You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You’re Told) The White Stripes
Solid – 22If I Had Eyes Jack Johnson
Solid – 22Can’t Tell Me Nothing Kanye West
Solid – 22Arizona Kings of Leon
Solid – 22Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston
Solid – 22Me Love Sean Kingston
Solid – 22Fake It Seether
Solid – 36Mr Rock & RollAmy Macdonald
Solid – 36Beautiful Liar Beyoncé
Solid – 36Everything I Am Kanye West
Solid – 36Homecoming Kanye West
Solid – 36Gone, gone, goneRobert Plant and Alison Krauss
Solid – 36Does This Mean You’re Moving On The Airborne Toxic Event
Solid – 36300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues The White Stripes
Not Bad – 43Ayo Technology 50 Cent (ft. Justin Timberlake)
Not Bad – 43Rise Today Alter Bridge
Not Bad – 43MachinesBiffy Clyro
Not Bad – 43SurrenderBilly Talent
Not Bad – 43Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Fall Out Boy
Not Bad – 43Good Life Kanye West
Not Bad – 43The Assumption Song The Arrogant Worms
Not Bad – 43Lazy EyeSilversun Pickups
Not Bad – 43Poison PrinceAmy Macdonald
Not Bad – 43Girlfriend Avril Lavigne
Not Bad – 43Walls Fall DownBedouin Soundclash
Not Bad – 43Pop, Lock & DropHuey
Not Bad – 43Hold On KT Tunstall
Not Bad – 43Lollipop Mika
Not Bad – 43Dance Tonight Paul McCartney
Not Bad – 43Rehab Rihanna
Not Bad – 43Shut Up And Drive Rihanna
Not Bad – 43Icky Thump The White Stripes
Not Bad – 43I Got It From My Mama
Not Bad – 62Hometown Glory Adele
Not Bad – 62Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys
Not Bad – 62When You’re Gone Avril Lavigne
Not Bad – 62The Rat CageBeastie Boys
Not Bad – 62Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies Biffy Clyro
Not Bad – 62Ready, Set, Don’t Go Billy Ray Cyrus
Not Bad – 62Piece Of Me Britney Spears
Not Bad – 62Just A Dream Carrie Underwood
Not Bad – 62Hip Hop Police Chamillionaire
Not Bad – 62(F)lannigan’s Ball (feat. Ronnie Drew and Spider Stacy)Dropkick Murphys
Not Bad – 62Guaranteed Eddie Vedder
Not Bad – 62Give It To You Eve
Not Bad – 62Home Foo Fighters
Not Bad – 62Long Road to Ruin Foo Fighters
Not Bad – 62Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Wanna Be in Love) Good Charlotte
Not Bad – 62The Sweet Escape Gwen Stefani
Not Bad – 621973 James Blunt
Not Bad – 62Glory Days Just Jack
Not Bad – 62Like This Kelly Rowland
Not Bad – 62On Call Kings of Leon
Not Bad – 62Broken Lifehouse
Not Bad – 62Whatever It Takes Lifehouse
Not Bad – 62Leave Out All The Rest Linkin Park
Not Bad – 62What I’ve Done Linkin Park
Not Bad – 62Give It To MeNelly Furtado
Not Bad – 62Capital G Nine Inch Nails
Not Bad – 623’s and 7’s Queens of the Stone Age
Not Bad – 62Don’t Stop the Music Rihanna
Not Bad – 62Rich Woman Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Not Bad – 62Love Song Sara Bareilles
Not Bad – 62Take You There Sean Kingston
Not Bad – 62Breakdown Seether
Not Bad – 62Lie Lie Lie Serj Tankian
Not Bad – 62Tarantula Smashing Pumpkins
Not Bad – 62Underclass HeroSum 41
Not Bad – 62Before It’s Too Late (Sam and Mikaela’s Theme) The Goo Goo Dolls
Not Bad – 62Sad Man’s Tongue Volbeat
Not Bad – 62What Have You Done Within Temptation
Not Bad – 62The Heart Gently Weeps Wu-Tang Clan
Not Bad – 62She Builds Quick MachinesVelvet Revolver

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