My favorite songs from 1997


In 1997 I moved into a townhouse with strangers, my two-and-a-half year relationship well and truly over. I stayed in that townhouse, in Guelph, throughout the summer even though I had graduated. I wasn’t sure what I would do with my life. This particular summer may have been the low point of my adult life. In fact, it absolutely was.

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My favorite songs from 1996


This was a big year for music in my life.

In 1996 I moved in with my girlfriend in May. At the end of October we broke up – and it was a pretty rocky summer leading up to that. So in the early months, the music was during happy times. In the middle months, we had combined our CD collections to make this one massive collection – and so again, music was a big part. Predominantly alternative. By the end of the year I was a wreck. A Long December really put the cap on this year – and on my rough breakup.

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My favorite songs from 1995


Ahhh 1995. Those were the days. First year of university was in the books, and midway through the second year. This was the year that I moved in with three guys who became best friends to this day. This was also the year I was with my first serious girlfriend from the beginning to the end, from mid-94 through towards the end of ’96. She and I were both really into music and there were a lot of car trips/commutes when we listened to the radio.

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My favorite songs from 1994


In April of ’94 I broke up with one girlfriend and had another one in July. Both girls were in (or near) my hometown, whereas I went to university about an hour away in Guelph. So there was a lot of commuting involved, especially with girl number two (we became quite serious). Lots of commuting meant a lot of radio. And this is when I started to grow tired of classic rock (gasp – but it was just temporary, don’t worry!) and move more fully into modern alternative rock and grunge.

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My Favorite Songs From 1993


In 1993 I finished high school and started at the University of Guelph. I turned 19 that April, legal drinking age in Ontario. I was still into Classic Rock, with a lot of Tragically Hip on the playlist. But I was also exposed to Alternative/Grunge and was starting to appreciate it. By the time 1995 began, I was completely into that music. But it was a transition that took a couple of years and I never did lose my love of classic rock.

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My favorite songs from 1991


The 150 songs that made the list for 1991 (so far, as I am always adding if I discover a song I’ve missed) was a stronger year than 1989 (also 150, but with fewer ‘Awesome’-classed songs). This is thanks to Nirvana’s timeless Nevermind album (which honestly just gets better over time), and the Hip’s Road Apples – which was an instant favorite of mine. Pearl Jam’s Ten was a huge part of my life, though it took me a year or two to truly appreciate them. Along with the Hip, Lenny Kravitz was my favorite artist at the time and I was waiting to pick up his Mama Said album the day it came out – it didn’t disappoint. And of course – Blood Sugar Sex Magik was another all-time favorite album of mine.

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My favorite songs of 1990


After seeing all the songs that I enjoyed from 1989 (148 of them so far), I figured that this was the year that ushered in my favorite decade. If 1989 brought me 148 quality songs, then each year in the 90s should top 150. Well apparently that isn’t so. Over the last couple of months I have gone through music from 1990 and barely managed to find 80 songs. I was 16 and really into classic rock. Apparently because the quality new rock songs at the time were pretty sparse.

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