Tony Clement is a Clown

I have no doubt that he was one of those hard-working, brown-nosers in high school who answered all the questions, sucked up to the teachers, cleaned the blackboard, and still only managed a 75. He is a follower, not a leader. And his ideas are as shitty as his I.Q.

Tony Clement needed to be placated. For several years, he bugged and bugged Stephen Harper for things and finally, Harper relented on a pet project – the mandatory census for Stats Canada.

I’m not sure why there was a need to placate Mr. Clement. Perhaps he is in possession of some unsavory pictures, or a recording that must not be leaked. Whatever. The fact of the matter is, the census is now “voluntary”.

As a graduate of Statistics, I can tell you in no uncertain terms – this is just wrong. Stats Canada was considered elite in the field of statistics. All stats companies held that one in the highest regard. That is where the bar is set.

No more.

Data given on a voluntary basis is no better than an online poll. It’s a joke. And all of the precious data that so many businesses – big and small – rely on, will be gone. Future stats cannot be compared to past stats because one was collected in whole while the other was collected in part. What if most new (read: immigrants) Canadians refuse to partake, while most native Canadians do partake?

(which is a likely scenario)

Then the immigrants, whom this change is supposed to protect, are actually hurt the most due to poor representation.

This is stupid on every level and it alone is cause for me to not vote Conservative this time (however, I am right of center and don’t see any alternative).

But I blame one man for this. And you, Mr. Clement, are a clown. You can’t take back the damage that this does. It’s forever. Clown.


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