G20 – What the hell did you think would happen?

As soon as information started come out about the G20 security and talk of how to handle the protesters, as well as the request by authorities that they keep it peaceful, I could have written all future articles about it going forward a full year.

I knew what would happen. How could you not?

Whatever the police did, it would be overboard. Whatever the peaceful protesters had in mind, the prick protesters would ruin. They would take things too far, the police would react by being heavy-handed…things would build on both sides and the repercussions would create news stories for the next two years. Bingo, I nailed that one. Too bad I didn’t start this blog until after the fact.

Anyway, yawn. These stories bore me. The Star will continue to call the G20 policing a black eye, and everything that happened was inevitable. The police were not trained for such an extreme situation – and if they were trained for such an extreme situation, then some of the hardcore protesters would make it even more extreme until it gets to a point where the police are not trained to handle it.

Train them further.

Protest harder.

Train them further.

Protest harder.

It’s an endless cycle that the police can’t win. And never could. But it makes good news, right Star?


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