Disgusting, biased reporting on thestar.com

If you hate Rob Ford, then thestar.com is the place to go for the most biased coverage I have ever seen of anybody.

I don’t count myself a fan of Rob Ford, but the immaturity of the Star, their obvious vendetta and horrible coverage of him in general made me go to Canada.com for my news months ago. Again, I don’t really care either way about Ford – he has good and bad ideas and good and bad ways of carrying them out…but I want my opinion of him to be my decision not some paper’s.

Hilarious really, blowing up non-stories of being ‘spotted’ on his cell phone while driving, calling police when there’s an intruder, having “the nerve” to brush off some idiot comic from some weak Canadian comedy show who arrived in his driveway at seven in the morning…whatever he does, The Star blasts him for it. Not to mention picking the fattest, red-faced pictures they can find for a given piece. Oh man, it was relentless. I had to go. I would link to some examples of this, but you can pretty much just go over there and click on the Rob Ford story of the day and see it for yourself.

I love thestar.com otherwise. I think their ease of browsing and depth of news coverage is perfect. So to get chased away from the site for a small issue like this should speak volumes. It’s okay to provide neutral coverage and allow intelligent readers to draw their own opinion of him.



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