Air Miles emails too often

I’m a pretty avid Air Miles collector. Both credit cards add Air Miles, one for every $20. I like the program and I think it works brilliantly as long as you focus on just the one. Get into other programs and you’ll find success in the form of rewards a lot harder to come by.

Part of this enjoyment is subscribing to their service and looking at my account update, or any deals that come. Good deals, I mean. Not stupid ones such as “open an account at Run-of-the-Mill Bank, and get 500 Air Miles!”

The problem with their email subscription service is that it is shameless. And it has become more so with each passing month. Companies give them money, or perhaps they threaten to take their business away (who knows), in exchange for use of their email database. A database which, I’m sure you can imagine, is vast. Addresses numbering in the millions.

So the weekly emails became twice weekly, which in turn became daily. Today, at three o’clock in the afternoon, I received my third email of the day from Air Miles. Yes, it’s come down to that. Multiple emails each day. And they don’t see a problem with that? They think it’s an acceptable business practice to do that?

If faced with a question “Which method will improve business in the long run?”
A) Send 15 emails per week to our subscribers
B) Send one email per week to our subscribers

Does Air Miles really believe that option A) is the correct response?

Alright idiots at Air Miles HQ. Here’s a quick lesson for you. Free of charge. Excessive emails turn from informative to spam in an awful hurry. And once the emails become classified as “spam” in the mind of the reader, you’re banished to junk mail. For good. They’re not going to waste time clicking the “unsubscribe” button. Not when they can send it to junk. And once sent to junk, the email program will start automatically sending it to junk.

So you clowns will look at your reports and still say “Hmmm, our subscribed list increased from 5.61 million to 5.62 million in the last week”. And you’ll nod and smile at a job well done. But the bottom line is, and you’re too stupid to give this any further thought so I’ll do the thinking for you, the number of your subscribers who see your emails just slipped from 1.8 million to 1.6 million. And it’s dropping in a hurry.

This is common sense. Stats tell you one thing, logic another. Your marketing department needs a shake-up if they look at one and not the other (and clearly they do).

Anyway, welcome to my junkmail. I’m still subscribed, I just won’t see your emails anymore.


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