Reflecting On: Charon’s Claw

In the third book of the Neverwinter Saga, author R.A. Salvatore does a great job of developing the villains and creating their own little hierarchy. It sets them up nicely for appearances in future books, and it’s a well that can be drawn from time and again. Much like, if he needs to, he can go back to Menzobarranzan for dark characters and new plotlines (which he does in this book), Salvatore can now just as easily go to the Shadovar and the tieflings. Just as he can use the cool and interesting group of mercenaries Braegan D’Arthe, he can now also consider Cavus Dun.

The battle scenes continue to be the best part of Salvatore’s work, with Drizzt Do’Urden and Artemis Entreri at the forefront…and they continue to be awkward with Dahlia and her complicated staff weapon “Kozah’s Needle”. Kudos to Salvatore for successfully making us like the new character Ambergris, a dwarf warrior-wizard and clever schemer. And I also see a lot of potential in Afafrenfere the warrior-monk.

Drizzt is a great character as a loner, along with his panther Guenhwyvar. But his stories are enjoyable with companions as well, provided the companions are likable. The new cast is starting to shape up nicely, and at this point my only criticism is the silly weapon that Dahlia wields. Actually, it’s a great weapon – just confusing to describe, and even more confusing to follow.

Now figure out a way to keep Artemis popping back into storylines (to say nothing about the flashy and charismatic dark elf Jarlaxle).


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