Gelatin for joint pain

Kind of a random post, but this is a random blog with no followers so I don’t care. I find that some things I post get a lot of Google searches and help people and this will be one of them. But add me to the list of people who swear by gelatin for join pain.

I had knee pain for several weeks thanks to the treadmill when my dad recommended it. Just one little packet of Knox gelatin mixed in a cup of orange juice. Once per day. By the third day there was a noticeable difference. After a week, the pain was reduced by more than half. But that’s as far as it went.knox2

However, I started changing the workout a bit, stretched in advance. And that got rid of the rest of the pain. Two months later, my wrist was acting up for a couple of days. One glass of OJ with gelatin, next day the pain was gone. Knee pain, that was re-emerging just a little bit, was gone as well.

Anyway, there you have it. One week will do it, and then I’m guessing every couple of months take a glass of it to keep holding it bay.


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