The Good Wife Spinoff Should Be…

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The Good Wife Spinoff should be about Eli Gold, come on. A fantastic character. Quirky, funny (unintentionally) and very interesting. His character is interesting and his job is interesting. If Better Call Saul can work, so can Eli Gold as a campaign manager for someone else. Peter Florrick is not a politician anymore, so Eli is free to move to the next candidate. Unlimited story ideas!

Instead, we get this. Ugh. Diane Lockhart was a necessary character in The Good Wife. An important one, even. But interesting? Nope. Lucca Quinn has some potential, so maybe as the ‘serious one’ Diane could work in support. But why push so hard for an interesting story when one is being spoon-fed to you? Eli Gold!


Let’s be honest. A story about Diane and Lucca, and I’m sure David Lee, is not a spinoff. It’s The Good Wife Season 8 without Alicia (i.e. your best character). Pass.


I’m sure it’s too late. But if not – please reconsider. Eli Gold is the character that will give you three or four quality seasons on his own.



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