My favorite songs from 1995

Posted: March 6, 2018 in Rankings

This was the year I was with my first serious girlfriend from the beginning to the end, from mid-94 through towards the end of ’96. She and I were both really into music and there were a lot of car trips/commutes when we listened to the radio. I remember buying Alanis Morissette’s CD and being surprised at just how amazing it was. This was also the year when I decided Collective Soul was one of my favorite bands, period. The World I Know really struck a chord. The Smashing Pumpkins double CD will always remind me of those times with my girlfriend, and Wonderwall (Oasis) and Alanis will always remind me of New Years ’96 into ’97…which means they were with me for more than a full year.

Longer term, Radiohead and The Tea Party grew on me. I liked them and these songs in ’95, but loved them even more over time. The two 311 songs will remind me of visits to my sister in London, Ontario…notably when my car broke down on the way past London to visit another friend!

Unlike most rankings, I haven’t been simply tossing these up in a numerical order. Because we can all agree that on some days, some songs kick more ass than other songs. A song that is ranked 14th today could very well rank 1st tomorrow – if it suddenly comes on the radio during the perfect moment and I start singing along. So I group them instead of presenting a hard-and-fast order:

Pretty Good
Not Bad
…with some inter-group splitting.

Awesome – 1 You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette
Awesome – 1 The World I Know Collective Soul
Awesome – 1 Brain Stew/Jaded Green Day
Awesome – 1 Geek Stink Breath Green Day
Awesome – 1 Wonderwall Oasis
Awesome – 1 Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead
Awesome – 1 Bullet With Butterfly Wings Smashing Pumpkins
Awesome – 1 Muzzle Smashing Pumpkins
Awesome – 1 Fire In the Head The Tea Party
Awesome – 10 Head Over Feet Alanis Morissette
Awesome – 10 Don’t Speak No Doubt
Awesome – 10 High And Dry Radiohead
Awesome – 10 Just Radiohead
Awesome – 10 Time Bomb Rancid
Awesome – 10 Ruby Soho Rancid
Awesome – 10 Zero Smashing Pumpkins
Awesome – 10 Lump The Presidents of the United States of America
Great – 18 Hand In My Pocket Alanis Morissette
Great – 18 Big Me Foo Fighters
Great – 18 Brat Green Day
Great – 18 Walking Contradiction Green Day
Great – 18 I Got Id Pearl Jam
Great – 18 Truth Untold The Odds
Great – 18 The Bazaar The Tea Party
Great – 18 Sister Awake The Tea Party
Great – 26 Down 311
Great – 26 All Mixed Up 311
Great – 26 Ironic Alanis Morissette
Great – 26 You Learn Alanis Morissette
Great – 26 All I Really Want Alanis Morissette
Great – 26 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something
Great – 26 You Were Meant For Me Jewel
Great – 26 Champagne Supernova Oasis
Great – 26 Cumbersome Seven Mary Three
Great – 26 We Only Come Out At Night Smashing Pumpkins
Great – 26 Misery Soul Asylum
Great – 26 Promises Broken Soul Asylum
Great – 26 Name The Goo Goo Dolls
Great – 26 Eat My Brain The Odds
Great – 26 Peaches The Presidents of the United States of America
Pretty Good – 41 Good Better Than Ezra
Pretty Good – 41 Country House Blur
Pretty Good – 41 December Collective Soul
Pretty Good – 41 Gel Collective Soul
Pretty Good – 41 Stupid Girl Garbage
Pretty Good – 41 Who Will Save Your Soul Jewel
Pretty Good – 41 Foolish Games Jewel
Pretty Good – 41 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Marilyn Manson
Pretty Good – 41 They Don’t Care About Us Michael Jackson
Pretty Good – 41 Spiderwebs No Doubt
Pretty Good – 41 Boombastic Shaggy
Pretty Good – 52 Burn One Down Ben Harper
Pretty Good – 52 Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio
Pretty Good – 52 Hey Man Nice Shot Filter
Pretty Good – 52 Only Happy When It Rains Garbage
Pretty Good – 52 Can’t Get You Off My Mind Lenny Kravitz
Pretty Good – 52 Just A Girl No Doubt
Pretty Good – 52 1979 Smashing Pumpkins
Pretty Good – 52 Forgiven Alanis Morissette
Pretty Good – 52 Let It Rain Amanda Marshall
Pretty Good – 52 On and On Crash Vegas
Pretty Good – 52 I’ll Stick Around Foo Fighters
Pretty Good – 52 You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson
Pretty Good – 52 Don’t Look Back In Anger Oasis
Pretty Good – 52 Common People Pulp
Pretty Good – 52 Thirty-Three Smashing Pumpkins
Not Bad – 67 One Sweet Day Mariah Carey
Not Bad – 67 Beautiful Life Ace of Base
Not Bad – 67 Mary Jane Alanis Morissette
Not Bad – 67 Smashing Young Man Collective Soul
Not Bad – 67 Where the River Flows Collective Soul
Not Bad – 67 She Gathers Rain Collective Soul
Not Bad – 67 Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla
Not Bad – 67 Alone & Easy Target Foo Fighters
Not Bad – 67 Morning Glory Oasis
Not Bad – 67 Disco 2000 Pulp
Not Bad – 67 Curious Sandbox
Not Bad – 67 Any Man Of Mine Shania Twain
Not Bad – 67 Tonight, Tonight Smashing Pumpkins
Not Bad – 67 Just Like Anyone Soul Asylum
Not Bad – 67 I’ll Be There For You The Rembrandts
Not Bad – 67 Perfect Alanis Morissette
Not Bad – 67 Not the Doctor Alanis Morissette
Not Bad – 67 Roll To Me Del Amitri
Not Bad – 67 This Is A Call Foo Fighters
Not Bad – 67 Stuck With Me Green Day
Not Bad – 67 Doin’ It LL Cool J
Not Bad – 67 Believe Me Moist
Not Bad – 67 Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers
Not Bad – 67 More Human Than Human White Zombie
Not Bad – 91 Dear Mama 2Pac
Not Bad – 91 The Chanukah Song Adam Sandler
Not Bad – 91 Wake Up Alanis Morissette
Not Bad – 91 Right Through You Alanis Morissette
Not Bad – 91 No More I Love You’s Annie Lennox
Not Bad – 91 Do Ya Barney Bentall
Not Bad – 91 The Universal Blur
Not Bad – 91 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead Crash Test Dummies
Not Bad – 91 Queer Garbage
Not Bad – 91 Flood Jars of Clay
Not Bad – 91 Rock and Roll Is Dead Lenny Kravitz
Not Bad – 91 Your Little Secret Melissa Etheridge
Not Bad – 91 Scream Michael and Janet Jackson
Not Bad – 91 Acquiesce Oasis
Not Bad – 91 She Forgot to Laugh Rhymes with Orange
Not Bad – 91 I Will Remember You Sarah McLachlan
Not Bad – 91 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? Shania Twain
Not Bad – 91 Here Is No Why Smashing Pumpkins
Not Bad – 91 Hard As A Rock AC/DC
Not Bad – 91 Murder Incorporated Bruce Springsteen
Not Bad – 91 I Know Dionne Farris
Not Bad – 91 Here In Your Bedroom Goldfinger
Not Bad – 91 86 Green Day
Not Bad – 91 Tightwad Hill Green Day
Not Bad – 91 Bab’s Uvula Who? Green Day
Not Bad – 91 Here Comes The Hotstepper Ini Kamoze
Not Bad – 91 No More Walking Away Kim Mitchell
Not Bad – 91 Zamboni Martin Zellar
Not Bad – 91 This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
Not Bad – 91 Downtown Neil Young
Not Bad – 91 Angry Johnny Poe
Not Bad – 91 You’ve Got A Friend In Me Randy Newman
Not Bad – 91 All Uncovered The Watchmen
Not Bad – 91 Born Slippy Underworld


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