Windows – Sticky Notes = Useless


I had been writing my “to do” list on Notepad, but was getting sick of finding it underneath the other windows. And without it constantly being shown, I would sometimes forget to check it. So I thought I’d try “Sticky Notes” which I found in my Start menu.

Uh, guys? This is the same as Notepad. Except for the pretty colors, and the fact that you can’t have a million lines of text (which I don’t need for this anyway). So it’s a yellow Notepad. Useless.

A quick Internet search determined that there were free options available, so I went to (the only place I download programs from, to save me from viruses) and found “Always on Top”. Downloaded it – perfect. It stays on top of all windows. I have three screens so I keep it on my right one on the far right side. This is just what I was looking for. There is even a bar you can shift from left to right to make it more/less transparent (if you so choose, but I don’t need that – just found it cool).

Thought I would share in case anyone else had this problem. Couldn’t leave feedback or a review on the Microsoft Sticky Notes page, but it would get a ‘one star’ for sure. What’s the point of Sticky Notes, really? It’s the same as Notepad! It does everything I was already doing! (minus the pretty color background, of course!)

UPDATE: There is a program called “Stay On Top”. It forces whichever window you choose to always stay on top. I use this on Sticky Notes and voila – no longer useless.



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