I’m Darryl Dobbs (“Dobber” to my friends) and I am the founder of DobberHockey.com and the Dobber Sports Network. I am also the owner of GoaliePost.com, Dobbernomics.com and DobberProspects.com. I was the fantasy hockey ‘expert’ for The Hockey News and Yahoo! Puck Daddy before time constraints forced me to just focus on my own websites.

I started this blog to vent. I like ranting, but did not want to subject my readers to it. So, I thought I would take advantage of the domain darryldobbs.com because I owned it anyway. The handle “Dobber’s Take” is taken from my early DobberHockey days in which I had a section where I ranted. I thought it was fitting.

Anyway, I enjoy ranting. I enjoy ranking things. So you will find a lot of both here. And kudos to you for even finding this site, because I am not advertising it in any way and am not interested in it growing in the least. I already have sites for that. Strictly getting things off my chest, although unfortunately I have to be a little careful with what I say in case it leaks out and fans of my sites get turned off. Can’t avoid that, though. It is what it is.

Recently I stopped reviewing books that read here because I joined Goodreads. You can find my book reviews there. Feel free to add me

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  1. elephas group appears to have no registered business name in ontario neither does it have a telephone number.street view shows a nondescript building with several supposed tenants but no elephas. i suspect that it is a p.o. box.

  2. re: your comments about the Ellphas Group’s ‘Important letter of Notification”; “Potential 100% payment of expenses Not covered by CPP’s lump-sum death benefit”. I think the rant would be more useful if you included a photo of a GENUINE province of Ontario logo so people could learn about that identifier. Simply showing the fake one is not likely enough to be of value to most people.

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