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In going through the music released each year, some artists are bounds to have more appearances than others. As time permits, I pull together the best songs from that artist. I then review everything I can find from the artist to make sure I have everything I want to rank. The following are links to the different artists with a ‘best of’ compiled and ranked…

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My 200 Favorite Songs of the 90s Pt. 1


My favorite decade for music means a bigger list when compiling the best. I thought I would have a Top 100 list here but when I pulled out all the songs I had labeled “Awesome” I reached 146. Then I had the bright idea of going through the 275 or so “Great” songs and somehow pluck out four more to get an even 150. It was quickly obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to reduce it to seven. By the time I got through them I had 77 more that I wonder if I should have given the “Awesome” designation to.

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