Fallen acorns a threat to kids with allergies, Vaughan mother claims

Read this.

Speaking of nuts…

My daughter is allergic to nuts. I have zero fears about acorns around her school. She says in the article “I’m not a crazy mom”. But that’s exactly what you are.

Let’s not be chopping down trees because of your senseless fear. If your fear really is over the top, then move the children to another school. If other parents in your situation see no threat, then there isn’t one. There is always somebody who ruins things for everybody, it seems.

I have a friend who is a teacher. He has certain rules regarding computer use during recess. One of those rules is ‘no games with guns’. A kid plays a game with guns so he gets computer use during recess revoked. The mother comes in and whines about it. Teacher says “I’m not changing my decision. If you want, I’ll just take away computer use at recess for everyone, if that will make you feel better.” The idiot mother said “Yes.” Now no students get use of the computer during recess. It all boils down to one clown.

If this acorn mom has her way, then other idiot moms and dads will speak up in all schools around the province. What is initially four or five oak trees will quickly expand to hundreds. All for an imaginary fear.


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