Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher – Ridiculous

I’ll say this before the movie comes out. I don’t want his performance influencing my thoughts on the matter. But Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher is beyond stupid. The books stress Reacher’s size and strength. I mean, really stresses. As in – by page 30 of most books, the books get into Reacher being 6-5 and anywhere from 220 to 250 (depending on the book). Tom Cruise is generously listed as 5-7. They can pull him off looking 6-0, with camera angles, the right co-actors, etc. But he’s supposed to tower over everyone. Reacher slams his fist into a bad guy’s head and occasionally it breaks their neck. Can’t buy that with Cruise.

I like Cruise as an actor. Enjoy his work more often than not. But terrible pick for this role. We shall see.

Who would I have play the role? First thought was Dwayne Johnson. But no, too big. Too big, and probably too black. Unless they want to re-write the character as black, which is fine by me (they did well enough with Nick Fury changing from white to black in the comics). I would have Ryan Reynolds. He’s 36 and 6-2. Granted, he’s a little too cutesy, but he can rough up his look pretty easily.

The Reacher books start with Reacher as a 35-year-old. Reynolds works. And they can make Reynolds look 6-5 as well as they can make Cruise look 6-0.

In the book One Shot, Reacher is about 42. That’s the book the movie is based on. Cruise is 50. Cruise can do three or four Reacher movies at his age. Reynolds could probably do every book ever written, if need be. I just don’t get this call. Cruise brings in millions no matter what movie he does, they don’t need him for this one. The character alone would make money, they don’t need Cruise.


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