Reflecting on: 11/22/63

Steven King’s recent novel gives us his vision of how things could shake out if someone were to find a ‘time bubble’ that takes them back in time and that person were to undo a significant even in history. His “horror novel” days firmly behind him, King is barely hanging onto the “thriller” tag. The story was interesting, well written and well researched. As always, King keeps his characters interesting and worth reading cover to cover even if all they did was sweep the floor and later watch paint dry. He just has an interesting way of communicating, as anyone who has read King can attest. So yes, I did enjoy the book.

But I really am just “playing out the string”. King’s first 15 books were so great that I’ll read his next 100 even if they’re terrible. And his Dark Tower Series gave him a new niche that he excelled in. But really, aside from the Dark Tower, his books have been middling and this one is no exception. Enjoyable, but not fabulous. Intriguing, and it made you think, but it didn’t often make itself intense enough that you’ll miss sleep before putting the book down.

Glean from that what you will


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