My Favorite Songs of 1978


Much like 1977, generally speaking 1978 was not a great year for music. Unlike 1977, the ’78 edition of new releases didn’t have a Bat Out of Hell or Rumours to save it.

The Cars and Queen had a couple of great songs out in 1978, and the legendary wedding reception tune Old Time Rock And Roll was also released. Outside of those and a small handful of others, I shudder to think of what the radio played throughout that year. I’m glad I was only four years old, and by the time I was older I was able to pick and choose my music and not rely on radio. I’ll be honest with ya – I had to kind of stretch my definition of “Great” and “Awesome” and even “Solid” just to fill in the blanks. If I were to compare these songs to something from my biggest tastes – early 90s – most of these would get knocked down a category.

Unlike most rankings, I won’t be simply tossing these up in a numerical order. Because I know better than anybody that on some days, some songs kick more ass than other songs. A song that is ranked 14th today could very well rank 1st tomorrow, if it suddenly comes on the radio during the perfect moment. So I’ll group them:
Not Bad
…with inter-group splitting.

First, videos of my favorites from that year…

13 Great Songs from 1978

Raise A Little Hell – Trooper

Follow You, Follow Me  – Genesis

Just What I Needed  – The Cars

Life’s Been Good  – Joe Walsh

My Life  – Billy Joel

Old Time Rock And Roll  – Bob Seger

Yep, the classic heard at pretty much every wedding reception was released in 1978.

Wheel In The Sky  – Journey

Sultans Of Swing  – Dire Straits

Summer Nights  – John Travolta and Olivia Newton

I didn’t like the movie. Not my thing. But this song and the one below are catchy and I can’t help but like them. Probably because when I hear them I’m at a wedding reception (I generally don’t hear them otherwise).

Surrender  – Cheap Trick

You’re The One That I Want  – John Travolta and Olivia Newton

Who Are You?  – The Who

Promises – Eric Clapton

5 Truly Awesome Songs from 1978

Fat Bottomed Girls  – Queen

The Gambler  – Kenny Rogers

Sweet Talkin’ Woman  – Electric Light Orchestra

Bicycle Race  – Queen

My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars

I put the above great songs from 1978 on a YouTube playlist for your listening pleasure here.

The full list of songs I enjoy from 1978…

Awesome – 1 Fat Bottomed Girls Queen
Awesome – 1 The Gambler Kenny Rogers
Awesome – 3 Sweet Talkin’ Woman Electric Light Orchestra
Awesome – 3 Bicycle Race Queen
Awesome – 3 My Best Friend’s Girl The Cars
Great – 6 Follow You, Follow Me Genesis
Great – 6 Just What I Needed The Cars
Great – 6 Life’s Been Good Joe Walsh
Great – 6 My Life Billy Joel
Great – 6 Old Time Rock And Roll Bob Seger
Great – 6 Wheel In The Sky Journey
Great – 12 Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits
Great – 12 Summer Nights John Travolta and Olivia Newton
Great – 12 Surrender Cheap Trick
Great – 12 You’re The One That I Want John Travolta and Olivia Newton
Great – 12 Who Are You? The Who
Great – 12 Promises Eric Clapton
Great – 12 Raise A Little Hell Trooper
Solid – 19 Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder
Solid – 19 Beast Of Burden The Rolling Stones
Solid – 19 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) Neil Young
Solid – 19 Runnin’ With The Devil Van Halen
Solid – 19 Still The Same Bob Seger
Solid – 24 Can’t Stand Losing You The Police
Solid – 24 Copacabana (At The Copa) Barry Manilow
Solid – 24 Da Ya Think I’m Sexy Rod Stewart
Solid – 24 Don’t Look Back Boston
Solid – 24 Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder
Solid – 24 I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones
Solid – 24 Is This Love Bob Marley
Solid – 24 Rasputin Boney M
Solid – 24 Jamie’s Cryin’ Van Halen
Solid – 24 Miss You The Rolling Stones
Solid – 24 One Way Or Another Blondie
Solid – 24 So Lonely The Police
Solid – 24 You Really Got Me Van Halen
Solid – 24 Hold The Line Toto
Not Bad – 38 Slip Slidin’ Away Paul Simon
Not Bad – 38 Take Me To the River Talking Heads
Not Bad – 38 Come Together Aerosmith
Not Bad – 38 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love Van Halen
Not Bad – 38 Bye Bye Love The Cars
Not Bad – 38 Heart Of Glass Blondie
Not Bad – 38 Hollywood Nights Bob Seger
Not Bad – 38 Hot Blooded Foreigner
Not Bad – 38 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
Not Bad – 38 Lights Journey
Not Bad – 38 Pump It Up Elvis Costello
Not Bad – 38 Roxanne The Police
Not Bad – 38 We’ve Got Tonight Bob Seger
Not Bad – 38 Werewolves Of London Warren Zevon
Not Bad – 38 What a Fool Believes The Doobie Brothers
Not Bad – 38 WKRP in Cincinnati theme Steve Carlisle
Not Bad – 38 Turn To Stone Electric Light Orchestra
Not Bad – 38 Big Shot Billy Joel
Not Bad – 56 Double Vision Foreigner
Not Bad – 56 Le Freak Chic
Not Bad – 56 Shattered The Rolling Stones
Not Bad – 56 Three Times A Lady Commodores
Not Bad – 56 Y.M.C.A. The Village People
Not Bad – 56 You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond
Not Bad – 56 Roller April Wine
Not Bad – 56 Don’t Stop Me Now Queen
Not Bad – 56 Every Kinda People Robert Palmer
Not Bad – 56 Macho Man The Village People
Not Bad – 56 Soul Man The Blues Brothers
Not Bad – 56 Straight On Heart
Not Bad – 56 Greased Lightning John Travolta
Not Bad – 56 Baker Street Gerry Rafferty

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