No, corner store beer won’t cost taxpayers $1 billion. Scare tactics!


Look at this bullshit headline:

Beer in corner stores could cost Ontario taxpayers $1 billion, industry sources say

Uh, no.

And I’m not some ignorant hack spewing an argument based on gut reaction. Well, okay, it’s a gut reaction. But I really was in the inventory distribution business (I was a planner and an analyst) before quitting to work for myself in the hockey world. I do know what I’m talking about. And logistics and operations took up several courses in University.

industry officials argue that adding thousands of small retail outlets would dramatically increase distribution costs, lowering profit margins for brewers and leading to higher beer prices for consumers

I call bullshit.

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Windows – Sticky Notes = Useless


I had been writing my “to do” list on Notepad, but was getting sick of finding it underneath the other windows. And without it constantly being shown, I would sometimes forget to check it. So I thought I’d try “Sticky Notes” which I found in my Start menu.

Uh, guys? This is the same as Notepad. Except for the pretty colors, and the fact that you can’t have a million lines of text (which I don’t need for this anyway). So it’s a yellow Notepad. Useless.

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What it would take to get me to go back to cable/satellite TV


As I approach the four-year anniversary of cutting the cable (i.e. canceling my satellite subscription), I started musing about what it would take to bring me back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely happy with status quo. I have the NHL Centre Ice package, and anything else I need I simply stream it. The kids are happy with Netflix and don’t seem to be in need of anything more, and ditto for my wife. It would appear that, on this issue, I’m in the driver’s seat.

So what would it take?

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The Good Wife Spinoff Should Be…

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The Good Wife Spinoff should be about Eli Gold, come on. A fantastic character. Quirky, funny (unintentionally) and very interesting. His character is interesting and his job is interesting. If Better Call Saul can work, so can Eli Gold as a campaign manager for someone else. Peter Florrick is not a politician anymore, so Eli is free to move to the next candidate. Unlimited story ideas!

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Why I’m Leaving Wind Mobile



I’m not your typical cell phone user. The main reason for this is that I don’t really need one. And by “need” I mean in the first world sense of the word. I’m not a teenager. I’m not single. I’m middle-aged with a young family, so socially – I don’t really need a phone. I run my own business from a home office (which I rarely leave), so professionally – I don’t really need a phone.

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Impact of Public Shaming (via Social Media)

I found this article interesting:…life.html?_r=0

I’m paranoid about this stuff. I’m careful with what I say, but I’m also prone to brain-farts (which is no secret!). The wrong joke or statement out of context and that’s it. Every one of the ‘infamous’ mistaken Tweets of the past several years deserved to be insulted. A handful of people tweeting the culprit a “You’re an idiot” statement is well-deserved. But if the issue goes viral, it’s no longer a handful of people. It’s suddenly thousands. Hundreds of thousands. And then TV newscasts catch wind. Demands for loss of employment, and the smearing that’s easily found with a simple Google search is there forever (hurting chances of future relationships, employment, etc). Suddenly, just being called an idiot by a couple of people evolves into this life-destroying juggernaut.

Anyway, an interesting perspective on the other side of things. I have over 12,000 followers on Twitter, so saying something wrong (by mistake or otherwise) can go viral in an awful hurry. I do believe you reap what you so – but that’s within reason. You say something blatantly racist or hateful, you deserve hundreds of people shouting you down. You deserve to lose your job. But how terrible and hateful does it have to be to deserve thousands of people shouting you down, and losing a job and being unable to find a new one for a year? And how terrible still does your mistake have to be before millions stalk you and hate you back, and you lose not only your job but prospects of another job (short of flipping burgers) for the next decade? With Twitter, things can reach that point quickly, and Twitter doesn’t see levels of┬ástupidity. It sees two levels – right and wrong. And ‘wrong’ can be blatant and hateful and disgusting, or it can be taken out of context, or said ignorantly. The punishment is the same.

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